As progressive traditionalists, we like to invite guest instructors who share our vision of how great martial arts training is to come and teach us.  These seminars, and nearly all of the events that our Chief Instructor John Burke teaches, are usually open to all martial artists, regardless of experience or affiliation.  Here are a few of the events that we have lined up:- 


January 12th - Bully Buster.  1-2pm for Primary School aged children.  2.30-4 for Secondary School aged children.  Please call 01626 360999 or log on to the Members Booking Page for details.  Non members welcome, no experience necessary, no special clothes or equipment required, just wear something you can train in.
January 26th - Little Warriors stripe test.
January 27th - Kyu Grading.

February 2nd -  Bunkai Fundamentals seminar 1-4pm 15 per person.  Please call 01626 360999 to book your place.
February 10th - Ladies Self Defence. 1-4pm.  12 per person.  Please call 01626 360999 to book your place 

February 23rd - charity seminar in Seaton. cancelled 
March 10th - Black Belt pre-grading.  Advice and eligibility test in Newton Abbot.  10am start.
March 16th - Little Warriors stripe test.
March 17th - Kyu Grading.
March 23rd - Bunkai Level 2 - Tuite.  Hands-on Seminar 1-4pm 15 per person if booked before 18th March, 20 thereafter.  Please call 01626 360999 to book your place.  Adults of all grades and styles welcome.

April 27th - Little Warriors stripe test
April 28th - Kyu Grading

May 4th & 5th - UK Martial Arts Show, Doncaster.  Tickets are 79 for entry and training through the official website.  John Burke renshi will be teaching 4 bunkai workshops throughout the weekend.
May 12th - Keikokai 20th Anniversary Training Extravaganza.  10am start.  A day of training (10am-3pm) with the instructor team and our special guest, Anthony Blades 7th dan kyoshi.  Free to all members.

May 19th - Saifa and Seiuchin bunkai seminar in Essex.
May 31st -June 2nd - The South West Karate Experience at Perran Sands, Cornwall.  Training on the beach with Anthony Blades kyoshi, Neil Ellison renshi, and John Burke renshi.  To book your place, please call 01626 360999.
Perran Sands training on the beachJune 22nd - South West Martial Arts and Wellbeing Expo.  Bristol.
July 7th - Kaizen Martial Arts Expo. Nottingham.
July 14th - Kick-A-Thon.
July 27th - Little Warriors Stripe Test.
July 28th - Kyu Grading

August 5th -9th - Summer School, Newton Abbot.  A week's training per day; a month's training in the week.  
August 17th - Bunkai Seminar, Newton Abbot, with John Burke renshi. 1-4pm, 20 per person.  Suitable for adults of all grades.  High grade children accepted on a case-by-case basis.
September:  Back To School.  For the first week of September we are concentrating on becoming Bully-Proof in our Little Warriors and Junior classes.  We'll be reinforcing these messages throughout the month, but please ensure you are there to get the training in the first week.  There's no extra charge for this, it isn't a seminar, we're including it in your regular classes.
September 21st & 22nd - Holland Bunkai seminar weekend.
September 28th.  Little Warriors Stripe Test. 9am
                            Kyu Grading. 10.30am
October 12th - Dan Grading and seminar with Kyoshi Anthony Blades, 7th Dan.  A session for coloured belts at 10am.  A Dan Grading at 11am, and a seminar for Brown Belts and Above at 1pm.  All members should attend.

October 18th - Diversity Day at Wolborough School.  Renshi John will be presenting information about Japan.
October 26th & 27th - Finland Bunkai seminar weekend.  Renshi John Burke will be teaching practical kata applications for the weekend.  50Euro per person, 10-4 each day.For details, and to book your place, please contact or

November 9th and 10th - Scotland Bunkai Weekend seminar on Chinte kata.  Renshi John Burke will be teaching applications to Chinte kata for the whole weekend.  For details, and to book your place, please call 07512 257 407 or email

December 15th - The Special Lesson.  Invite only, 11am start.
December 21st - last timetabled session of 2019.

Coming up in 2020, as well as a packed schedule of regular classes, we already have:
January 2nd - timetable resumes.
Self Defence for All seminar.  Newton Abbot.
The UK Martial Arts Show.  Doncaster.
Bassai Dai Bunkai Seminar.  Essex
Budokwai Anniversary Seminar.  Shetland.
Bunkai Bootcamp weekend.  Newton Abbot.
Bunkai Camp.  Sweden.


In the past we have had visits from Alan Ruddock sensei (who trained in Aikido with Ueshiba), and Terry Wingrove sensei, Anthony Blades kyoshi and  Russell Stutely renshi, and Stuart Howe renshi & Neil Ellison renshi.  We have conducted Kata Comparison Seminars with John Burke renshi, and his guests.  

Hanshi Tino Ceberano (Goju 9th Dan) has been to see us and teach and we have had the great pleasure of training with Patrick McCarthy 9th dan hanshi.  Terry O'Neill (KUGB 7th Dan) sensei also came to teach at our dojo.  

There have been a Kick-a-Thons in aid of Cancer Research, CLiC,  Cystic Fibrosis, Marie Curie, The Ricky Grant unit of Torbay Hospital, in 2015 we supported the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, raising over 4000!  In 2017 we raised 6000 for YoungMINDs.  We've also had fun evenings for Children in Need and Red Nose Day.  We also often hold Women's Self Defence Courses, Bully Buster, Zanshin training with Andy Power sensei.  A Sport Relief demo at Newton Abbot Sainsburys, and the road trip to The Martial Arts Show, as well as our usual training and gradings.

Our members are welcome at all the special events, never forgetting that it is the regular training that gives us the confidence and mindset as well as the skill set to succeed at these events.

Please enquire by ringing 01626 360999 or emailing here  if you would like more information on any of these events in particular.


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