Enjoyable Karate-Karate Academy


An Enjoyable Pastime

Our training will help you keep fit, show you an interesting legacy, and can be immense fun.

Approached in the right way; with dedication, effort, perseverance, and a desire for something greater than the materialistic western way of life, karate becomes a form of stress relief and a great joy.

With the world the way it is at the moment the need for something else becomes more and more apparent. When we come to karate sessions we learn to leave our worries outside along with our pre-conceived ideas and prejudices. Shotokan Karate offers you the opportunity of making friends with other people who enjoy the same pursuits, and who are reaching for the same goals.

Training changes our outlook on life, providing a release and a whole new world of possibilities. There are no barriers to age, gender, or ability. Everyone has a first day; everyone starts the same way.There is no one stopping you from achieving all the benefits of Shotokan Karate but you.

Those black belts you see may look intimidating, but they too started along the same path you will take, and are a dedicated group of students who will welcome you into the group, and are happy to help anyone.

Why wait? Day one can be today, or in three years, it will still be day one. Come join us and get it out of the way01626 360999or email here.