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Grading Results

     Grading Results

On Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September 2023 we were very pleased to announce that
Sean Sliney
Hannah Ward

were awarded SHODAN black belt after examination by John Burke renshi, Jim Harvey sensei, Neil Tappenden sensei, Janet Drew sensei, and Deborah Needham sensei

Congratulations to the new DAN Grade holders.

On Saturday 4th November 2023
Alexander Kelly was awarded his Green Stripe belt.
and Jacob Mperi was awarded his Red Stripe belt 
in Little Warriors class by John Burke renshi and Janet Drew sensei at Newton Abbot dojo.

On Sunday 5th November 2023 at the Newton Abbot dojo the following grades were awarded under exam conditions by John Burke renshi, Janet Drew sensei and Deborah Needham sensei:

1st kyu
Charlie Slade, Theo Shepherd, Sam Schafer

2nd kyu
Oscar Magor, Sunny Weedon

5th Kyu
Erin Chambers, Louie Chambers, Oliver Joyce

6th kyu
Jason Liosatos

7th kyu
Stanley Maunder, Charlie Northwood

8th Kyu
Isabelle Kelly, Ted Kirsop-Taylor, Dmytro Kurylo, Hugo Roberts, Olivia Winiarska

9th Kyu
Charlie Sharpe, Harrison Williams, Dawid Winiarski

Congratulations to you all on your achievement, and may you have continued success and improvement with your training

May be an image of 7 people and people performing martial arts
In other news, Oscar and Joe Magor were medal winners at the 38th Annual Competition with the English Karate Federation.  Oscar took gold in the kata category for people with additional needs, and Joe took silver in his category.  Later in the day, Joe took Bronze in kumite.  The competition included members of the EKFs own squads, showing our standard right up there with the best of them.  We're very proud of both gentlemen.