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Grading Results

     Grading Results

On Saturday 13th November 2021 we were very pleased to announce that
Josh Adams
was awarded SHODAN black belt after examination by Anthony Blades kyoshi and John Burke renshi.

On Saturday 9th July 2022
Tobiasz Mocek was awarded his Yellow Stripe belt.
Kitto Farmer was awarded his Orange Stripe belt, 
in Little Warriors class by John Burke renshi and Janet Drew sensei at Newton Abbot dojo.

On Friday 5th August the following students were tested by John Burke renshi at Newton Abbot dojo as part of the Summer School course, and found to be worthy of the grades listed:

1st kyu
Hannah Ward

5th kyu
Charlie Slade

7th kyu
Harrison Ball

8th kyu
Joseph Da Cunha

9th kyu
Stanley Maunder, Rufus Tucker

Congratulations to you all on your achievement, and may you have continued success and improvement with your training