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Grading Results

     Grading Results

On Saturday 13th November 2021 we were very pleased to announce that
Josh Adams
was awarded SHODAN black belt after examination by Anthony Blades kyoshi and John Burke renshi.

On Saturday 11th December 2021
Erin Chambers, and Louis Chambers were awarded their Green Stripe
Joseph Saunders,  and Teddy Chambers were
 were awarded their Yellow Stripe belts
Joseph Bulley was awarded his Red Srtripe.
Ioni Luff, Anthony Carpenter, Edward Saunders, and Tobiasz Mocek were awareded their orange stripe belts
in Little Warriors class by John Burke renshi at Newton Abbot dojo.

On Sunday 12th December the following students were tested by John Burke renshi at Newton Abbot dojo and found to be worthy of the grades listed:

1st Kyu
Joseph Magor, Archie Pimley, and Steve Sharp

3rd kyu
Hannah Ward

4th kyu
Ayrton Sharp

7th kyu
Azenette Lagda, Sam Schafer

8th kyu
Sophia Duddy, Georgia Winsor

9th kyu
Jack Churchill, Jacob Hill, William Hone, Dave Lagda, Richard Laycock, Fumiaki Tanaka, Sora Tanaka


Congratulations to you all on your achievement, and may you have continued success and improvement with your training