Grading Results
At Perran Sands over the weekend of 2nd-4th June 2017, Kyoshi Anthony Blades, 7th Dan, graded Dave Floyd to godan and Kelly Turney to 4th kyu

At the kyu grading on Saturday 24th June 2017 - held at Newton Abbot dojo - the following students were recognised to have attained the reguired standards for the ranks listed:

6th kyu
Joe Budd, Amelia Hinds, Elesha Stretton, Eva Perry

7th kyu
Alfie Gill, Ethan Kirkbride, Sara Pitchford, Isla Warren, CJ Davis, Maddie Khan

8th kyu
Joshua Adams, Emily Dungey, Charlie Martin, Korben Simpson, Lucy Turney, Madison Findlay-Peers, Ollie Harris

9th kyu
Lyndon Bush, Scarlett Contrasti, Venitia Contrasti, Helena Stuckey-Howard

At the kyu grading on Sunday 25th June 2017 - held at the Newton Abbot dojo - the following students were recognised to have attained the required standards for the ranks listed:

1st kyu
Steve Bristow,Ewan Hale, Olivia Harrison

2nd kyu
Maria Antonilli, Adam Faulkner, Anna Hinds

3rd kyu
Oliver Elphick, Rachel Leggatt,

4th kyu
Alex Doyle, Ruth Dungey, Kaavya Ganesan, Lennon Lemar, Gareth Saunders

5th kyu
Harvey Johnson, Doug Leggatt, Daniel Turney, Alex Slader, Finlay Colwill-Parker



On Saturday 17th June 2017, the following Little Warriors (4-7 year olds in our pre-martial-arts class) were recognised at the next stage of their development:

Green stripe
Charlie Pitchford, Isla Perry

Yellow Stripe
Daniel Monnington-Hayes

Red Stripe 
Joshua Sharpe, Riley Whitefoot

Orange Stripe 
Ethan Sanson



On Saturday 1st October 2016 at the Dan Grading with Kyoshi Anthony Blades we are happy to recognise the following results:-
3rd dan
Nicola Carrick

2nd dan
Adam Castle, Andrew Power
1st dan
Phil Hale, Steve O'Brien, Isaac Spurrier, Carl Tilling
Now the hard work begins...
Congratulations to you all on your achievement, and may you have continued success and improvement with your training

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