Grading Results
At The Shotokan Concepts seminar weekend in Devon on Saturday 15th December 2018, Kyoshi Anthony Blades, 7th Dan, and Renshi John Burke, 6th Dan graded
Jim Wight and Clare Potter to yondan
C Power and Carl Withers to nidan
and Anna Hinds to shodan.
Now the hard work begins.

At the kyu grading on Sunday 17th March 2019 - held at the Newton Abbot dojo - the following students were recognised to have attained the required standards for the ranks listed:

1st kyu
Thomas Flannery

2nd kyu
Ethan Kirkbride

 3rd Kyu
Elesha Stretton

4th kyu

Ruby Hewings, Helena Stuckey-Howard

5th kyu
Christopher Flannery, Elliott Speer

6th kyu
Harley Leggatt

7th kyu
Alwyn Manson, Isla Perry

8th kyu
Sylvia Daborn, Yanick Hrycyszyn, Rowan Manson, Ryan Paul, Charlie Pitchford, Timothy Riggs, Steven Sharp, Riley Whitefoot, Jasper Howarth Yates

9th kyu

Peter Flannery, Aria Froom, Rebecca Green, Olivia Martin, Michael Riggs, Ayrton Sharp, Theo Shepherd, Finlay Crossley

On Saturday 16th March 2019, the following Little Warriors (4-7 year olds in our pre-martial-arts class) were recognised at the next stage of their development:

Green Stripe
Joseph Curnow, Sunny Weedon, Ayrton Sharp

Yellow Stripe
Maddox Robbins, Megan Underhill, William Underhill, Alfred Beale

Red Stripe
Roo Chadwick, Peter Chadwick, Finlay Imeri

Orange Stripe
Jack French, Oliver Russell, Dexter Beverley, Thomas McCoy, Lucas Kirkbride, Liam Francis, Eva Batho, Ollie Imeri 

Congratulations to you all on your achievement, and may you have continued success and improvement with your training

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