Confidence-Karate Academy


One of the by-products of all the hard training that goes on at our dojo (training hall) is an improved self image.

Karate practitioners tend to develop a higher self-worth than they previously had. The danger of an inflated ego is very real, yet by comparing one's self to one's seniors you are made aware of how much further there is still to go.

By practicing techniques which are potentially harmful to an attacker, we learn that we do not have to harm people. By experiencing how very easy it is to cause injury we develop a responsibility not to cause injury.

 One of our greatest pleasures is observing the positive changes in our attendees. The development of self-confidence as one learns that all our limitations are self-imposed. The learning of movements and techniques that may have seemed impossible, the expansion of awareness, and the camaraderie that is created by training hard alongside like-minded individuals: this is why our karate academy is a place for character development.

The instructors recognize these developments because they have made realizations about themselves in the same way that you will make realizations about yourself. There are no armchair experts in our organization.

Advice is given from experience, for the benefit of those open-minded enough to receive it.

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