Ladies Self Defence
The study of the martial arts requires a lifetime.  Sometimes you just want to know the bare bones.  The simple things that will get you out of trouble with someone who is bigger or stronger and aggressive.  Sometimes you don't want to pursue the martial arts as a hobby or a lifestyle.  Sometimes you just want a little bit of help and an injection of confidence to get by in today's world.
These classes, organised by Clare Potter, are not Karate classes.  You don't need any special uniform.  You don't need any special equipment.  You don't need Devon Womens Self Defenceto be fit or flexible.  You don't need any martial arts experience.
These classes are led by Clare.  The only men allowed in the room are a couple of the Karate instructors who are there IF you wish to test your new techniques against a stronger guy.  So you can prove that they work.  If you don't want to work with the men then you don't have to.  They understand that there are participants from all kinds of backgrounds, and that some people might not want a great big bloke grabbing them.
What is covered in the class?
What to do when a guy grabs you.
What to do when he tries to hit you.
What to do when your hair has been grabbed or you have his hands around your neck.
What to do when you are on your back.
What NOT to do when you have to free yourself from someone bigger.
There is no magic wand.  There will be a struggle.  And You can do it.
We can prove it.
The next session will be later this year.  To express your interest please call 01626 360999 or emailing
If you require any further details please call 01626 360999 or email
LADIES SELF DEFENCE VIDEO: You can get the download the video of our core principles taught by Clare and John here for just $29.95
It's an hour long video of practical advice and training on how to deal with the common types of attack.
STOP PRESS: Sensei Clare also teaches a Women Only Karate Class in Newton Abbot.  Wednesday evenings 6-7pm.  Ladies are more than welcome to join the regular (mixed) classes, but this one exists for additional or specialised training.  If this would be of interest to you, please email 

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