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It's a great time for new Karate books.  Topping the bill is Hanshi Patrick McCarthy's new book of translated articles, Legend of the Fist.  There are 2 new books from the publishers of Journal of Asian Martial Arts; Andreas Quast's "A Stroll Along Ryukyu Martial Arts History" and "Okinawan Samurai";Joe Swift sensei's "The Essence of Naha-te"; and "Tales of the Western Generation" from the founder of Ikigai Way.

                                   all recommended.

You must consider the work of Funakoshi Gichin sensei to be of prime importance to the Shotokan karate-ka:


You can buy many products through Amazon, like these by our very own John Burke renshi: 




We are very pleased to be able to offer Chris Denwood's Naihanchi book to anyone interested in the structure and performance of this kata (also known as Tekki Shodan).  The book is a wonderful technical resource on biomechanics and training methods:


Patrick McCarthy hanshi's translation of the Bubishi is a "must have" for our Brown Belts and Black Belts.  Translation is too poor a word for this monumental book.  This is the correct link for the new edition:





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