Interested in Teaching Karate?-Karate Academy


 You might be an existing Black Belt who wishes to switch over to our method and way of doing things. In which case, it should certainly be possible, either as a paid instructor, running a branch, or independently with our guidance. We would need to assess you and make sure that you could pass on the advanced principles that our students are taught, but you should contact us stating your ambitions.

You might only be a beginner but have the time on your hands and the means to Fast Track to Black Belt. Please note that this is not a “short cut”. You still have to do the work required of any student; you just do it in a shorter time. You basically train until you are ready to teach. Training is intensive, and tailored to the individual's experience and aptitudes.

During training you will be taught Karate skills, Teaching skills, and our proven method of running a successful dojo.  You will be equipped to earn a living doing the thing that we love (and hopefully you love it too).

In any situation, if Teaching Karate for a living and for fun sounds like something you might like be interested in, contact us here  or ring 01626 360999.