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  All Grown Up?

Adults need their time to play, too.  When we were young we learned about how to interact and how to get by with the medium of play.  As we grew we tended to "put aside childish things" and managed to suck much of the fun from our lives.CNV00032

You can have the fun back.  You can come and enjoy social interaction with people who understand respect and courtesy, and at the same tiem they want to work out.  We all started as beginners, there are no "arm-chair experts" here; so we know what you go through when you begin training.  We understand the nerves and the expectations, but you will find that our high-graded students are there to help you in your endeavour, and that they will coax you to ever higher tribulations.

The sport side of our martial art is available, but most of our time is spent training our minds and bodies to deal with unexpected assault.  That doesn't make us paranoid (indeed, it's some of the most fun training that we do), but instead teaches us how to negotiate both mentally and physically how to deal with our emotions under stress.  We'll teach you locks, throws, takedowns, chokes, striking and kicking, - and of course how to avoid having those things done to you.

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We understand that the machismo that goes along with all that punching and kicking might lead some people to feel like stepping into a class full of sweaty men is too much (Others will think it just the right thing to do...)

However, we believe that our system of ranks means that even the men have respect for anyone stepping into the dojo.  Ladies do just fine alongside the men, and they will not be bashed about or treated poorly.  In fact, many of the seniors in our classes are women, and they will see to it that everyone is treated fairly, so you needn't worry.  Just come and train and you'll see what we mean.  Structured and disciplined Karate classes, not a mothers meeting, where you are taken to the point where training with the men won't bother you.  Empowerment through hitting the pads, learning the form, and building the respect is what it's all about.

It isn't that women can't train alongside men.  They can, and do.

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