Picture Gallery-Karate Academy

Picture Gallery

Here are some pictures of us, our students, and our guests.

There are more in the members' only section of the website.

EKK top brass

Teaching and training together in 2007

March 2008 with Renshi Blades

Some of the Keikokai black belts after the session

March 2008 with Renshi Blades

some of the seminar participants

The Keikokai Black Belts

OCI 2007 yudansha. Training together and learning more.

new nidan

Richard Carrick sensei, now recognised nidan

New EKK shodans

those who passed the test

Terry Wingrove Sensei Feb 08

The attendees

Terry Wingrove and Liam

When you stand that close to an 8th Dan you are going to get hurt

Terry Wingrove seminar

The group that got together for February 2008

Alyssa hurts Terry

the right technique can disable someone who has strength and experience on their side.

Wingrove sensei

Richard getting hurt

Patrick McCarthy at SENI07

hanshi locks up Kurt Graham

Terry Howard and Pat McCarthy

friendly headlock

Flow Drills

Pat and renshi Kurt Graham


kanji background

21st May 07 attendees

seminar attendees from 5 arts and 7 schools

Tokyo dojo group

Joe Swift's club, 27/4/07

At Funakoshi Monument

John Burke at 50th Anniversary of founder's death

Decoy School demonstration

Students line up, ready for action.

The line up

focussed attention?

Richard Carrick sensei

board breaking with gusto!

Dont try this at home kids

Polar bear crush!

Quite a gang

basics caught in motion


even with shoes on

Terry Wingrove seminar 2007

the course participants

Ross getting hurt

Alyssa proves that size doesnt matter

hurting is easy

its control thats difficult


Kyoshi Anthony Blades and Renshi John Burke at Perran Sands

Perran Sands

The team gather for training on the golden beach