Of course we think what we do is excellent, and, as it goes, so do many others!  Here are some of the things that they say...

Michelle Green Karate deffinetly pay's in more ways than one , not only did I achive my new belt on sunday , but I got up monday morning and managed to fit into a pair of jeans that I have not been able to wear for months !!!! TRAINING DEF PAYS OF IN MORE WAYS THAN 1 . xxxxx 10 minutes ago Like Comment

Yes, that was on Facebook.

Hi john,kim,william,john junior, just been on your website ,big improvement.had a look at picture gallery ,nice one, got some good shots.just a small comment , i respect your lack of self agrandisment very much ,you John are a true example of the Bushi ,warrior code ,i think you and i would have easily merged with the Samurai,Ronin of that period.Thanks to martial artists like you the principles of hard work,dedication and determination plus a sense of honour live on . Respect to my good friend and family .Terry.

That was Terry Howard, the Welsh Kung Fu teacher.  Here's Andy, who visited us from another Karate club:

"Coming from an association that doesn't concentrate on Bunkai and only training for 2 evenings as a visitor, I found that Keikokai karate is shotokan...and then some! You'll learn things that will make everything relevant, you'll train under some of the best keiko karate-ka. All I can say is try it, you won't be disappointed!"

Dear John, Kim, & all at Karate,

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy new year, I just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated all your time, effort & patience while teaching our boys, over the years we have watched Lewis grow in confidence, spirit and  maturity.  We have often been told what a lovely disciplined and respectful young man he is (you can tell his mum is typing this), so when Matt decided he wanted to join we were very pleased (although we think he is perfect!!). 

We would encourage any child to attend your lessons, as we think it will help our boys grow into men that we will be proud of.

Best Wishes

Clare & Lee

...and that was Clare and Lee Potter, parents of two high kyu grades.

"Your book, Fortress Storming, is one of my top 5 books ever."  Dave Cook sensei, shodan, Cornwall

"Just wanted to say thanx to you and your team for the class yesterday. After my experience with I was really put off of martial arts but thanx to people like you and a few others I've trained with I'm getting my enthusiasm back. So thanx again." Scott, Essex

via text we received "I really enjoyed my visit to The Karate Academy..You have a great set-up and your students are a credit to you..Thank you and my thanks to them for making me so welcome!" and that was from Terry O'Neill (7th Dan) sensei, Merseyside, after the seminar he taught for us.

These notes to us were unsolicited, and we were chuffed to bits to receive them.  If you would like any further info about training with us, please call 01626 360999 or click here .


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