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March 2018:liam_jim

Jim Wight  

In 2007 we met a man from the far reaches of Scotland.  He wore a white belt and it upset people when he next came in wearing a brown belt.  But you see, Jim was just being humble.  He was very experienced but was willing to start again.  He didn't need to.  He knew his stuff.  From there he has grown and excelled.  He gained his Shodan, Nidan, and is currently a Sandan (3rd degree black belt).

A father of 3 grown up children, Jim and his lovely lady share their beautiful home with some characterful doggies.

Jim travels up to Scotland to teach seminars at his old club, and even for other arts who find his advice and methods useful.  He has also travelled across the UK with Renshi John.  Thankfully never tires of driving, as he has transported John and others to Inverurie, Old Meldrum, Nottingham, Doncaster, Burton-on-Trent, Surrey, London, Essex, Manchester, Brecon, and Birmingham amongst others.  He does this so that he can keep his skills up to scratch and learns from others as much as he is a huge help to them.

"I find myself privileged to be part of this really great group of people" he wrote in our 15 Year Anniversary book, "being guided by as many like-minded people to whom I respect and admire for their guidance and commitment to all who make that step through the door."  We assure you, Jim, the respect is mutual.

Jim can be found teaching at 6pm in Torquay, alongside Sensei Lee.  He also takes private lessons in Newton Abbot, and is a valued member of our grading panel. Come and join him

Sensei Jim is one of the true cornerstones of the Karate Academy. Softly spoken with a no nonsense approach to his teaching. Jim also has a devilish sense of humour, which makes him a joy to be around both on and off the mat. Training and teaching with him a is a real pleasure and his knowledge of the art should be taken advantage off whenever possible.  Jim is one of the most generous, unselfish and kindest person I have met in my life, people like him are rare. Always there, especially on a road trip (sorry for the singing Jim), Jim is a true ambassador for the club. Proud to call myself his friend. - Lee Warren sensei, 4th dan.

Sensei Jim is the true essence of the art, loyal, respectful, hardworking and extremely humble. A very talented karateka and instructor who I would urge you all to train under. Sensei Jim has been and continues to be a massive part of my karate journey, I feel so privileged to have him in my life as my Sensei, Karate brother and true friend. - Clare Potter sensei, 3rd dan.

Jim is a true Sensei on and off the mat. He has been my teacher and friend for many years. He has help guide me on my karate journey. Taught me many things and kicked me up the butt when needed. A gentleman in every sense of the word. A man I am proud to call my teacher and friend. We at the Karate Academy are very lucky to have him. He inspires me to be stronger and kinder.   - Natasha Barlow sensei, 3rd dan.

Jim is a charming and fun person to be around. He does not seem to take things seriously until he is on the mat, when a different side to his nature shows itself. What I particularly appreciate is his imagination and his attention to detail. He can see bunkai possibilities that elude most of us, while he still sees the value in working on getting our feet facing the correct direction; even if it is a struggle, he encourages us to keep trying. - Andrew Power sensei, 2nd dan.

A real privlege to say that Jim Wight Sensei is one of my regular instructors.He has encouraged me to learn and explore my project Kata Seipai on my own,but is always there to answer any questions or queries I may have. A gentleman both in and out of the Dojo,always willing to listen and advise with any concerns you may have.Jim will work you hard,while he encourages you to be technically correct.He will challenge you to come up with your own ideas on Bunkai,and will help you to push it just that bit further. x - Janet Drew, instructor-in-training, 2nd dan.

Sensei Jim is a person who gives you a voice in your training by leading you to realise your errors and asking you how you will be working on them, He is always a welcoming face who is very consistent in his training. he has a wide range of knowledge from different backgrounds. And he is an all-round pleasure to train under. - Adam Castle, instructor-in-training, 2nd dan.

Sensei Jim Wright is a true pleasure to know and train with hes a true gentleman .Im lucky to be able to call him my friend , he has helped me with all different questions to do with the martial arts and shown me many different applications, he has endless amount of knowledge and is always willing to give you help .
He also gives you endless amount of support on your karate journey , congratulations Sensei - Carl Tilling, instructor-in-training, 1st dan.

February 2018:Lee Warren sensei

Lee Warren

Member #416, August 2004.  That was when Lee came to join us.  He was already a Karate-ka, though.  He, like many of us, had already had some training, been awarded some belts, and looked at other arts.  We are honoured, then, that he chose to stay with us at Keikokai.  

Lee is an individual.  He teaches differently to anyone else, and students love him for it.  He started out training in our Torquay dojo, and these days he is a yondan (4th degree Black Belt) who teaches at the Torquay dojo. 

As he wrote in our 15th Anniversary book: "The thing I love about my training is the variety of students that I  have had the pleasure of training and learning with over the years.  They are like an extended family, and the different experiences, shared with them, are an invaluable part of my life."

Lee is a father and grandfather, renowned for his patience, and you can find him teaching alongside Sensei Jim at Torquay dojo on

Tuesdays at 6pm.  He also takes private lessons, supervises the trainee instructors, and is a valued member of the grading panel.

Come and join him.

Yondan as he flows like water, fabulous instructor and great to train with.
Our quiet all seeing Sensei.
Has a soft approach like Sensei Neil with great ease and a controlling manner. Proud to have Sensei teach us
 - Jim Wight sensei, 3rd dan.

Sensei Lee is an amazing Martial Artist and teacher. I have felt at ease with him from the day I started training. He always brings out your best potential and leaves you feeling inspired. I always feel a better person for being in his presence, on and off the mat. If you get the chance go and train with him you will not be disappointed. Proud to have him as our Sensei.
 - Clare Potter sensei, 3rd dan.

Sensei Lee. Love his style of teaching. Always makes you feel good about yourself and your abilities. He inspires me to want more from my training and encourages you to discover more about yourself. He has a way about him that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in his class so you can learn like a sponge. I love watching him teach and train and get excited when he is my training partner. A man of depth. 
- Natasha Barlow sensei, 3rd dan.

Sensei Lee makes you look at your art differently, but he also makes you look at yourself differently. Alongside his gentle but clear way of teaching, he leaves you questioning a lot of what you normally take for granted. Which is a Good Thing.
 - Andy Power sensei, 2nd dan.

Sensei Lee,my first instructor when I started training eight years ago.Always ready with a smile and warm welcome when you enter the dojo.Although softly spoken and with a gentle nature,never underestimate him as a very capable Martial Artist.Sensei Lee has a unique way of teaching and getting his point across.A great Instructor, who along side Sensei Jim has so much to offer the students. Come along to Torquay dojo and find out for yourself . X
 - Janet Drew, instructor in training, 2nd dan.

Sensei Lee is a calm and approachable person who has always had a respectable atmosphere in lessons. He has always tried to make karate a more personal experience by spotting errors and fixing them while helping you to think for yourself and for your peers. It has always been a privilege to train under his experienced eye.
 - Adam Castle, instructor in training, 2nd dan.

Sensei Lee is one of the nicest guys you will meet, soft spoken ,a true gentleman and a fantastic martial artist.

He explains things in a different way to make it easy for you to understand. I have had the pleasure of having Sensei overseeing my teacher training and he has made it really enjoyable and also makes you feel at ease. If you get a chance get to Torquay you will love it and definitely won't be disappointed .
 - Carl Tilling, instructor in training, 1st dan.

January 2018:

Richard Carrick

Richard beachKarate can be a very long road.  The term "sensei" usually translated as "teacher" is used for Black Belts, and really it means "one who has gone before".  It denotes that we are all on the same path, and that the teacher has gone further.  This month we are looking at a gentleman who started out on the path a long time ago.  He's been practicing for more than 30 years, having achieved his shodan in the early 90s.  In that time he has been part of different groups, and we are proud to say that he has been with us in Keikokai since 2005.  Nowadays he is ranked yondan (4th degree Black Belt).

When you come to one of his classes, you are guaranteed to get a work out.  You will also receive technical correction.  Richard is a hard task-master and demands high standards of his students.  That's why they love him.
He's tough.  He's also got a wry sense of humour.

Richard has driven across the country to ferry Sensei John to seminars in Surrey and Essex, and the two have trained together under teachers like Kanazawa sensei, Terry Wingrove hanshi, and Patrick McCarthy hanshi.

You can find him teaching in Kingsteignton on Fridays at 6pm, and in Newton Abbot Monday at 6pm.  He also often takes private lessons and is a valued member of the grading panel.

John and RichardCome and  join him.

"I have had the privilege to train with Tashi Richard Carrick throughout his journey at the Karate Academy. Undoubtedly he has been a big influence in my own and others training. With a no nonsense and clinical approach to training, he will help you unlock your own potential and style. A knowledgeable and able karateka."
- Lee Warren sensei, 4th dan.

"Sensei Richard has been and still pushes our boundaries when we train together, he is one of my hardest challenges to train with for which I am greatly appreciate.

His help and feed back is also something I take as a positive aid to my improvements from Tashi as a committed and dedicated member of our Bama members."
- Jim Wight sensei, 3rd dan.

"If you want to make your karate special to you, if you want to be the best you can be, then you will want to achieve it the right way. You can do this by training under Sensei Richard. Sensei Richard has taught and inspired me from the day I started and continues to do so."
- Clare Potter sensei, 3rd dan.

"an instructor that expects the best and makes you want to be the best student that you can be. I have learnt a great deal in the years that I have trained with him."
- Natasha Barlow sensei, 3rd dan.

"A serious taskmaster. When you train with Sensei Richard your ability to give yourself an easy time, to make excuses to yourself, to think 'yeah, I'm going to work on that later', is undermined. He expects a lot, and then leaves it up to you to either wither away or to up your game."
- Andy Power sensei, 2nd dan.

"Always a privilege to attend a Sensei Richard lesson or to get Sensei Richard for a private lesson.Great technical instructor who calls it as he sees it.x"
- Janet Drew, instructor in training, 2nd dan.

"A sensei who I have had the privilege to train under the perfecting eye of for many years, right from my very first lesson he is somebody who will always tell you if you are doing something wrong, while always keeping the martial spirit."
- Adam Castle, instructor in training, 2nd dan.

"Sensei Richard is always willing to help with any questions you ask , spend time to show you and break things down .
He a true perfectionist with everything he does in his Karate and a pleasure to train with "
- Carl Tilling, instructor in training, 1st dan. 


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